Sunday, 4 May 2014

London Life

So it has been a while.... and A LOT has happened. Whilst finishing my masters degree, I managed to get myself a little a buying assistant for a womens wear fashion company. Before I knew it I have managed to get myself a flat with three other girls who work in fashion, and I am now living in London. A little bit crazy I know, but one life one chance...gotta grab it by the balls whilst I'm still young enough! So I thought I would give it a try...whether I am going to like it, I don't know but won't know until I try. Soooo it could be long term or just for a few months, who knows - need to wait and see!

As for my lovely little life back in Scotland, although I am going to miss it so much, I am going to be up visiting every other weekend, I'll miss all my favourite people too much.

Anyway, I thought I would share a few photographs of my new life in London with ya...well so far, (it has only been 4 days) paha...

My first proper day in London, my work  invited me along to one of their clients, John Lewis to celebrate the 150th year anniversary. They had lovely music playing, champagne, cupcakes, and they had created a miniature museum of John really was a nice day! I have a few snaps here...I also wore this cute little spring top from New Look, I just love the colour!

Chilling in my room after just moving in - very odd! 
My gorgeous view from my bed - Love my window decorations too- all thanks to my wee mum!  
 My girlie princess palace! haha! 
Cute Little top from New Look! 
Pose! - Messy room already!  
John Lewis Cupcakes 

Gorgeous pram in John Lewis Museum! 
Saturday night dinner before the partying begins! Made by meeee yum!  
Ruff as toast today, but the sun is out so going to explore Muswell Hill! 
Lovely church 
Bought my cute little keepsakes from here this shop!  
London Bus - gorgeous little town! 
 My leafy little street! 
 Lovely wood, right next to my house! Can't wait for my dog to come visit, he will love this! 
My little purchases today, too cute! 

Well...I'm going to attempt to make a nice little dinner for myself just now, the hangover seems to be kicking in the longer the day goes on! Got university work to finish too boooo! Anyways happy bank holiday peeps! Have a good one:)

Dani x



  1. Love this blog! So good to see what you are up to. You look like you are settling in well.

    1. thanks Nicola! it is a good way to keep in touch with peeps and let them see what i'm up to, as well as recording little memories! <3 xx


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