Sunday, 20 July 2014

17 Again

So I am sitting watching 17 again, stuffing my face with far too much chocolate whilst swooning over Zac Efron, he really is quite delicious. One day I tell myself, one day! Anyway, I often wonder to myself, what the hell was I thinking when I was 17. Whilst I thought I had impeccable taste, my fashion sense was shameful. These days, 17 year old girls seem to have it so right...why was I not like that?!

Anyway, if I could be 17 again, I don't think I would. I am quite enjoying the finer things in life...such as wearing slightly more covered up clothes than my slightly more slimmer 17 year old self. I've realised I actually quite enjoy dressing a little classier and appreciating purchasing a little candle and cute little things for my flat, whilst sipping on a fine wine and not gulping it like it's going out of fashion....well sometimes. How times have changed...

So I decided to fall for the grown up craze of midi skater skirts...having searched the internet for a cheap little number, I found this one on eBay in the Boohoo shop for a mere £15.00 - ideal!

Top-Miss Selfridge
Bag and necklace- Accessorize Sale
Shoes-New Look (old)

 I also wore this little top that I have had for ages but knew it was one of these key pieces which can be worn time and time again, £10 well spent! You can still get it from Miss Selfridge.

I decided to jazz it up and add a little pastel colour to my monochrome outfit with this lovely little bag and necklace from Accessorize!

So apart from flaunting this little outfit at the dancing last night, I spent my weekend, relaxing, drinking wine, sitting on my balcony enjoying the sunshine and admiring my oh so girly room.

Now for the week ahead...last week at work before I start me new job! Really excited...but what do you wear to your first big fashion job?! Pressures on! Any suggestions?

Have a good week ya'll!




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