Monday, 3 March 2014

Bargain Hunter

Everyone loves a bargain. I particularly love a bargain, and I almost enjoy clothes more if I know I got it for a steal! After having to pay my holiday off this month, (I'm heading to Cancun with the boyfriend) I decided this month if I want to purchase anything, it has to be a banging bargain that I can justify to myself hehe!

Soooo, after having an eye on a few things, I decided to treat myself to a pair of mom jeans out of the sale and a cute pair of skater shoes in the sale at my work (New Look)! They were only £3!! I cannot find them online however there was loads available in store so please check out your nearest store!

I find it so hard to resist the little steals that I see in my work New Look, but I figured for both of them, it only came to £15...can't complain.

Teamed my newbies with my Forever 21 bodysuit that I featured on here a few weeks ago. Wearing a tighter top/bodysuit with baggy jeans, such as the mom or boyfriend style is essential to still make you look as though you have some shape and don't look like a sack of potatoes! Baggy on bottom then go for tighter on top and vise versa. 

Perfect little outfit for being comfortable and carefree at university as well as ditching the winter boots for a little pair of skaters! Also whilst I was on my way to uni, I was reading my little bible, Glamour magazine and I came across this little post...

So even they believe skaters and low slung jeans are a this season must have! Hehe Cute! Ps excuse the hair - just washed and a bit of a bush! Hehe!



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