Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pageantry is it really just pretty girls in sparkly dresses?

This weekend, I attended a fantastic event, where I was asked to judge at a prestigious pageant, Miss Galaxy UK. For those of you that don't know, at the beginning of last year I was lucky enough to compete for the title of Miss Intercontinental Scotland, which I then went onto win and then was flown off to Germany to compete for the International final. 

For those people who do not know what pageants involve, don't quite understand them or think they are a load of nonsense, well I will fill you in on the basics.

For me, pageantry has completely changed my life. It sounds cliche and a lot of people will roll their eyes when I say this, but it is true. I am not going to get the violins out and feel sorry for myself, but many years ago when I was at school I was subject to bullying and completely lost self confidence and belief in myself. My mum then entered me into a small, local pageant and to my surprise I won! I could not believe it, and following that year I gained experience modelling as well as being in the final for Miss Scotland, (which is run by Miss World). 

Although I did not win Miss Scotland, the experiences I gained, from being in it from meeting the press, photoshoots, collaborating with sponsors, working with charities alongside 9 other fabulous girls was unbelievable. Being able to get so far in a well-respected competition against hundreds of other girls from around the country really boosted my confidence and made me realise...hey do you know what, maybe I am not the shy girl I once was.

Following this, I entered Miss Intercontinental and won! It was the most fantastic feeling, knowing that all my preparations and hard work at the gym, practicing my walk, saving for dresses etc had paid off and I had finally got over my nerves of being on stage!

Pageantry isn't about just a few pretty girls on prancing about on stage, getting a crown and sash and away she goes. It is much more than this, it is working your butt of for something you really want, determination, drive and chasing after your dreams of being something you thought was never possible. It is being able to have the confidence to present yourself on stage, (something that can be extremely daunting), not being scared when being interviewed by 5 or 6 judges and most importantly it is having the strength to be yourself.

Sometimes, being yourself is the scariest part of all, being judged for who you are as a person, not about what dress you have on or how amazing your makeup is...but how your personality shines through both in interview and on stage. Often people say to me, "How did she win?!" People forget that the nicest looking girl on stage isn't necessary the nicest girl inside and out. 

Over the weekend I had the most amazing experience of judging a fantastic pageant, Miss Galaxy UK. I was lucky enough to meet the most inspirational girls I have ever met. We had 15 year old girls, walk into an interview room of 6 interviewees, without a scare in the world. Presenting themselves more confidently than what I ever could as well as talking about the amount of money and awareness they have raised for various charities. 

Pageantry and charities tie hand in hand. It is girls, using their titles as a voice to raise money and awareness. It is about girls giving something back to the community and doing something that they really care about. The girls this weekend had raised over £5000 for charity! An incredible amount to have raised and I cannot congratulate them all enough, for their hard work and efforts!

Therefore, although some may be skeptical, pageants are more than the big hair, swimwear round and big dresses; they help girls to grow confidence, believe in themselves, feel like a princess for a night and most importantly give something back to the community. 

If you would like anymore information on pageants or would simply like advice on entering one, please do feel free to leave a comment below or email me. I would love to hear from you!

Ps I hope this has  helped to change your opinion about pageants ever so slightly!

Here are a few photographs from my weekend of Judging!

 Kisses x

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