Friday, 21 February 2014

Tom Ford adverts, utter genius or a bit too much?

As you know I am studying a Masters International Fashion Marketing and yesterday at university, the topic of the lecture was advertisements. We see so many adverts out there these days that we find it is often the extremely funny ones that everyone talks about and shares that are successful or the absolutely shocking ones which definitely stick in your mind.  
However it is a very controversial topic surrounding the "shocking" adverts because can they be regarded as being socially responsible? I will let you see these images and you can make your own mind up...

A few of these adverts have been banned in several countries as it is regarded as not socially responsible, for instance for teens and children to see. I personally agree that I wouldn't like me child seeing sexual adverts like this however I do think that they are successful marketing tools, because we all know that sex sells. Using sexual connotations within adverts makes us stop, notice and remember and isn't that exactly what advertisements about? In particular, the first image with the red lipstick, completely sells the lipstick to me as it has a strong, perfectly glossy lipstick which happens to have a stubbly man kissing your cheek....after all what woman wouldn't like that?!

Nevertheless, the argument presented to our class was that, some adverts could be seen as sexually exploiting a woman. For example, take the men's advert above with the bottle of aftershave presented on a womans naked cleavage. Is there any need or is it just genius?

I believe that yes there maybe some female exploitation (however I am no feminist) but I think what an arguably fantastic advert, men and boobs...will definitely make a man stop and look twice. Genius.

What do use think? Please leave a comment below, I would love to know your thoughts!

Dani Rose


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