Sunday, 23 February 2014

Colour yourself with accessories....Stella & Dot, Hilfiger and Maybelline!

It's been a funny old weekend, one of those weekends when you don't do very much but you get a lot done if that makes sense?! After 3 weekends of partying, I decided I needed to calm the ham and chill out for a weekend, (little holiday off work) and it has been really nice. I had the chance to catch up on little things that I have been needing to do but not had the time to do my nails, visit the opticians for a new pair of glasses and oh go to the gym. 

Yesterday I had a really productive day, went to the gym and nearly died. Not a good start. I then had lunch with my beautiful mumma and went to buy a new pair of glasses because I somehow lost them at uni...eeek! So clumsy! 

I was on a very tight budget for my glasses but the lovely lady in specsavers (I think felt sorry for me) gave me a 50% off coupon since I was a student and I got a cheeky pair of Tommy Hilfigers that were meant to be £125 for £62.50! Result! 

I only need glasses for uni, to read the far away whiteboards, this will hopefully now mean I know longer have to sit in the front row squinting at the board like a weirdo.

Whilst I was waiting on my glasses getting made, I nipped to boots and invested in a new nail varnish which I thought would go perfect with any spring outfit, whether it be pastels or my typical black wardrobe essentials. Cute.

Two coats of this beauty in "Love this sweater" and it gives a lovely shine and strong colour! I have a few other shades of this Maybelline Colour Show nail varnish and it lasts a good 5 days before it starts to chip. Definitely a good nail varnish for the price at only £2.99. 
You can find it here.

Lastly, I love it when you misplace something, then you find it again. Story of my life! I got this beautiful gift from my Aunty Claire at Christmas, and I haven't stopped looking at the Stella and Dot website since I got it. The cute little bracelet came beautifully gift wrapped in this little box and said "hello gorgeous" on the front which I think is a lovely touch. They offer lovely, different accessories that would be perfect for a gift for a friend or for a mothers day gift. (It would save you gift wrapping) And a lot of the items are gold plated/gold/silver therefore won't tarnish or turn your finger green which is an added bonus! 

Go check them out for lovely gift ideas or a little treat for yourself...I love them.
The link is here.

 So after a weekend of downtime and quite frankly saving my bank account from further damage, I managed to fulfill my shopping habits with a few must have accessories. New gleks for university, a cute little nail varnish and finding my bracelet again! How do you all avoid your urge to spend money at the weekend?!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend lovelies <3

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  1. I'm so in love with that nail colour. Also your glasses are gorgeous. You suit them so much.

    Lindsey. x

    1. Hey Lindsey, thank you so much - I love this colour too, it is so versatile and goes with everything :) thank you it is taking me a while to get used to the glasses but I'm so glad I got them, I can see again !!:) Danielle x


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