Sunday, 9 February 2014

Timeless Pieces

I often find myself asking the question " Will I wear this again?" I think when you are a shopaholic like me, it is necessary to consider this question because otherwise I would end up an overly dressed individual with no money to leave the house. 

Therefore I have been trying to be very good with what I am buying, taking into consideration outfits that I could wear during the day and at night as well as an outfit you can wear in the winter and in the summer. Guess what...I have found just the perfect little outfit and all for under £30!

I think this simple yet classy little combo encapsulates this season in one, without being ridiculously bold and "out there" therefore can be used season after season! 

Box cut tops are a cleverly classy style which flatters mostly every shape. With its high neck, lovely polyester material and small zip detailing at the back, could be worn from the office, to dinner then to cocktails! Particularly in this cream colour you can style with anything, tuck it into a skirt or leave it hanging over skinny jeans. Beaut!

I fell in love with these cute little shorts/callots, with them being baggy and high waisted, they will flatter any shape - these could be worn cutely in the summer with a crop top or team with tights and red lippy in the winter... wow how I LOVE them!

As you can see, I think it would look perfect with any pastel accessories this season...what would you team it with?

 Mch Love

Dani Rose 



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