Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Relaxing Spa Day...

I was fortunate enough to get a little spa voucher for my Christmas that entitled me to 3 facials and a massage. As you may have already guessed, within a few weeks I had quickly took advantage of my massage and my first facial voucher...Bliss!

Since then, I decided to book into have the other two facials each month and today was my lucky day for my facial! I 100% believe in giving yourself a treat every now and again and having a day or a few hours to spend where it is just about "me". It works wonders. I think something like a spa day, getting your nails done, or hair done is essential to keep not only you looking and feeling physically and mentally well. 

If you are ever stuck to get someone a gift for their birthday/mothers day etc I think a little treatment at a spa goes a long way because it is something that they would not necessarily splurge on themselves.

Today I visited a day spa called Lumia Spa in a small town, close to where I live in Bridge of Allan. If you do not live in Scotland or anywhere near me, there are plenty of day spas popping around the country. The difference with a day spa and an actual spa, it is not attached to a hotel nor does it have a swimming pool etc. But I think day spas are perfect for someone who is a busy, working lady and is in need of some TLC without having to take a day off to go to it. 

Here are a few photographs of my experience...

Lumia Spa

Lumia is a lovely old house that has been transformed into a lovely spa, with multiple rooms as well as a hairdressers. My favourite part is the electric heated blanket that keeps you toasty when getting your treatment. After your treatment you get taking to a lovely little room where there is a warm fire, relaxing music and a cuppa with a bit of Scottish Tablet! Yum! 

Lovely end to a stressful day at uni! So girls, if you haven't had any "me" time for a while, don't feel guilty, treat yourself, it will keep you feeling refreshed, and make you look younger hehe!

P.s please excuse the non makeup, hiding behind glasses and mug pose - just after facial and didn't bother slapping the makeup on my newly silky skin ahah!




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