Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ardell Demi Wispies...oh so perfect

With it being the weekend and all, I thought it was an appropriate time to express my gratitude for fake eyelashes. Apart from anything else, during the week I try to keep my makeup to a tame level and most of the time I can't be bothered applying a lot of makeup to go to uni or work. However when it comes to going out for lunch/dinner...sorry any sort of meal really, whether it be a liquid lunch or not...I like to look as though I have made a bit of an effort by applying a pair of lashes!

If I am being honest, when I was younger I believed that the thicker and darker the lashes the better, however in my older, tender age, I think I suit more natural looking ones that still give me the length and thickness without looking completely fake.....and these are my ultimate dream here....


A few months back I was modelling for my oh so favourite best friend and makeup artist Stacey Leigh Spalding. Who can I just say, has extremely raw talent and who is being requested for high class shoots left right and center in Scotland (oh so proud friend). Anyway, she used these lashes on me and I simply fell in love.

Every time I wear these lashes, people ask me if they are my own lashes. (I WISH) However they give the illusion that you have fantastically amazing lashes even though you are lieing and are hiding behind short bald lashes. Who cares?! They are just amazing. I believe it is down to the fact that they are natural hair lashes, and not synthetic meaning they appear to be the same texture as your own lashes.

I love wearing them during the day for a more glam look, and at night if I want a more dramatic look I simply add a slick of black liquid eyeliner and a heavier coat of mascara over both my eyelashes and the fake eyelashes to give a more dramatic effect...and hey presto! Sexy eyes here you come!

I grudge paying a hefty amount for eyelashes, especially after I loose them in my bed when I am drunk and wake up with what resembles squished spiders' legs. Therefore I located a seller on ebay, where I got 3 pairs for £9. Bargain, compared with boots whose Eyelure lashes are almost £5 per one set of lashes!

Here is the link. 





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