Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Healthy Hair Product Raves!

I thought I would do a little blog on my 3 favourite hair products at the moment. For years now I have been wanting naturally long, thick hair so I can style it more effectively and easily on a daily basis. However in the past I didn't tend to use heat protectors, I always had my hair dyed with bleach and it was a complete dry frizzball that didn't grow!

However the past few years or so I have made the extra effort to use heat protectors, masks, and stay far away from bleach and my hair has grown a lot quicker and healthier!

Along the way my hairdresser has advised me to use a colour tint instead of bleach, and I have had regular trims so this has helped!

However for roughly the past year I have sworn by these three products and I truly believe that they have helped better my hairs condition, as well as my extensions condition! What I love most about them is, they are super cheap and I believe that with every product, it doesn't matter what the price tag is or if its a designer label, what matters is whether or not it works!

 1. (Schwartzkopf) Got2b POWDER'ful 
 2. (Schwartzkopf) Pro Styling Heat Protector
 3. Pure Coconut Leave in Conditioner

I purchased all of these from Bodycare, and although I cannot remember the exact price they were roughly all £2.99! I think this is super cheap for brilliant products that do actually last for ages! So definitely an investment, especially if you are a student like me and cannot afford to break the bank!

The 1st product, I absolutely love. It is very similiar to other products available on the market however I believe this may be one of the cheaper ones. It is basically a powder that your sprinkle into your roots and then give a scrub and suddenly gives you a more vavavoom effect. I like this because it isn't too tacky like others I have tried and a little goes a long way! It also stops me from backcombing my hair as much which in the long run is said to damage hair!

The second product is just your typical heat protector. I spray this on my hair when it is wet, before I dry it and each time I style it when its dry. I love to use this if I am curling my hair and my extensions as it really holds the style in place for much longer as well as giving you the heat protection. Again you do not have to use a lot of this product and it lasts a long time!

Lastly, the third product is by far my favourite. Firstly it smells like an absolute dream, lovely and coconutty almost like you are on holiday! I spray this onto my hair when it is damp before I brush it , I then run my brush through before blow drying it. It really helps to take out any tangles and I believe really conditions my hair after it is washed. It also has a heat protector in it so I think it has helped not only give my hair the nutrients and smell it needs but helped to maintain its healthyness! I love this product! IT'S A MUSTHAVE!

Anyway, I am off to my friend Vicki's as it was her birthday at the weekend and I have a little card and what not to give her! Must dash! I hope this blog helps!

Much love


  1. Nice list of products for healthy hair . Thanks For Posting this blog and such a list.

  2. Nice list and nice post!


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