Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Slits are us

 Hallooooooo long time no blog I know! What a hectic few weeks I have had with dissertation stuff - anyone who has done one or is about to do one I feel your sympathy - STRESSED MONKEY!!

Do you like the name of this post hahahahaha...little play on words there! Anyway - I would like to show you this beaut of a gown that is not a gown - its a sexy beast of a dress from BLUNT available at www.fashionfrank.com!

It is a more than gorgeous mesh dress with long sleeves - perfect for the winter and shows enough flesh to have that night time look! I love the double slits up the side and the panel sleeves! It really gives it that extra WOWZA factor!

Talking of Factor...has everyone been watching the X FACTOR?! Can't believe Rhylan is still in - apologies to any major fans...I just simply don't get it! Love the controversy though! hehe!



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  1. this dress is amazing!! it looks so good :)

    love your blog :)



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