Thursday, 11 October 2012

Khaki Sequins

Jacket - Fashion Frank
Dress - Fashion Frank
Boots - Primark
Skull Ring - Topshop

Just been for a lovely meal and I am absolutely stuffffffeddddd! So while I roll about my bed about to burst... I thought I could do a blog for you guys!

I love nothing more than going out for dinner but I always have this problem whe I have a cool wee outfit on but...(with it coming into colder months) WHAT JACKET DO I WEAR?!

That's why I had to get this jacket from my work, Fashion Frank as soon as it came in! Yes I agree, I thought at first..."KHAKI AND SEQUINS?!" Surely not? Then when I seen it on I was like "Yeah I get it!"

As you can see from the picture this unusual duo actually compliment each other amazingly! This jacket is one of those ones where you definitely won't see off my back hehe! It's quite a versatile jacket - you could definitely team this with an outfit on a night out and would look amazing going to university or work too!

At my work we have had great feedback about the jacket (always good to hear customers happy tales!) and a customer was in London today and got stopped about 20 times by girls asking where she got her jacket! Glad I got mines when I did as they have all sold out! BUT not to worry they are back in stock on Wednesday! YAYY!

Anyway, I am away to go on my Mums power plate and try and get rid of this stuffed feeling paha! Why did I eat so much?! hehe! LOVE MY GRUB!:D

much love




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    1. inkarlcerating thank you so much! <3 x

  2. This jacket is just too lovely! MUST HAVE! You are gorgeous girl :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  3. LOOOOVE this jacket so much! x


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