Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Silky Soft Skin...

Today I thought it would be a good idea to let you into a few of my skin care secrets as it has been a while since I have done a beauty blog! For some time, like many other girls, I struggled to find products that really agreed with my skin and in particular that I actually liked the smell of, texture and price!

Having worked on a makeup counter myself, I have had the the opportunity to test and try various different skin care regimes from many of the other make up counters. I know that everyone has different skin therefore what works for me, may not necessarily work for you and vice versa. 

I have tried Benefit, Dior, Clarins, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Mac etc and although some of their skin products maybe good (or absolute nonsense) I couldn't find one that made a total difference to my skin or 100% agreed with it....


For the past 6 months I have been using Lancome's skin care system and it works like a dream!!

These products were recommended to me by the Lancome assistant in Debenhams. I have rather combination skin and being 23 - I have "young skin" therefore she managed ti determine what is best for me due to this. I recommend if you are wanting to try new skincare then chat to one of the assistants as they can advise you on what is best for you. 

Anyhoooo...For years I didn't believe in cleansing and toning...and dare I say it, I only used makeup wipes and soap! After carrying out some makeup training they told us that the worst thing you can put on your face is makeup wipes and soap as it completely strips your face of natural oils etc... since then I have stayed clear. 

I actually do still use soap...eeeeek sorry to say. My daily skincare routine begins with washing my face in the shower in the morning with soap. 

I then cleanse my face with the cleanser pictured above using cotton wool pads.  The cleanser is ensures any residue makeup or dirt is removed from the face. This leaves the face feeling quite tight and dry therefore it is necessary to tone afterward.

With the toning I simply use a small amount on a cotton pad and dab gently over my face. This completes the removal of any impurities and leaves the skin feeling nice and soft.

I then lather on my moisturiser which is a thick creamy consistency. It smells really nice and you don't have to use a lot to cover the full face. 

I have totally noticed a difference in my complexion. I rarely get any spots and I used to suffer from bad skin from time to time as well as acne in my younger age. I also don't get dry skin like I used to and my skin looks brighter and fresher. 

It has been by far the best trio I have ever used. It is slightly expensive however, and although it does last me roughly 3-4months at a time...I do grudge paying almost £70 in total for it.

From time to time I cannot afford the full whack aha...being a student and all so I go onto eBAY and they have little testers that you can buy for around about £10 - £15.

These are great if you just want to try out the products too if you don't want to spend all that cash!

Anyways enough of my blabbering....!

Hope this helps:)




  1. Good for you. Just to add, yeah we do have different skin types, and knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary in order to make a right decision about proper skin care or treatment. Anyway, have you tried going to some spa treatment centers? They can offer you any skin care treatment that’s suitable with your skin type.

  2. Thanks for sharing..!! I love your post .. I am looking more post like this one on this blog .. this post proves really helpful for me ..


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