Friday, 21 September 2012

The Collection is ready!

This week has been a crazy one. Firstly I was back to University for the beginning of my final's scary to think that I will be graduating in eight months this for real?! Haha!

As well as this it is all go at my work, Fashion Frank. For the last three months we have been organising the launch of our very own collection. It is something that my boss Julia has been wanting to do for a while now and I cannot believe it is now about to be launched!

It all began with advertising for a designer, and after interviewing for one, we found our lovely Megan. Along with her came Sophie who was our fashion intern for the summer. Both of them were able to collaborate with Julia and come up with amazing designs for the new collection.

After long discussions with myself and Julia we decided on the name BLUNT. We came up with the idea after discussing that Fashion Frank was about being "frank" with your fashion and making a statement. It then suddenly dawned on us that to be BLUNT about your style is to be uncompromisingly forthright with your fashion. We both thought that Frank and BLUNT really complimented each other and heyyy presssstooo that was the name of the collection decided. 

After many weeks of hard work and preparation the launch of our new collection has finally arrived and will be available for you to buy this Sunday (the 23rd of September)!!

Model - Me and the fabulous Sophie G!

Yes there were a lot of photos taken...and trying to choose between them all is a nightmare

Visit the link below to view the full collection


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