Monday, 24 September 2012

House party outfit...casual or fancy?!

Hope you beauties have had a fabby weekend! Can't believe its Monday already... weeknds go far too fast! I have decided that we should all organise a petition to be signed so that we are all entitled to Mondays off because they are just horrid...

Nevertheless as promised I have showcased my new purchases at the weekend to show you guys! I was attending one of my bezza pals Danielle's "team" house party on Friday night. It suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't been to a house party in yearssssss and I wasn't sure what the kids wear these days...

I decided to wear...

[ Boy London Top - eBay]
[Studded Skirt - eBay]
[Spike Bracelet - Topshop]
[Jeffrey Campbell - Litas]

I decided to go for this tshirt and leather skirt combo. I like how the skirt is high waisted and wanted to show off the studs so I rolled this baggy tshirt up into a crop top to give it a different look. I teamed it with my spike bangle (my trusty - stuck to my arm I swear) and my Litas to give it the cutesy punk look. Nobody really seen the shoes though cos its off with theshoes and party time but hey...the wee shop man liked them:) hehe! I love this outfit and I think its perfect for a house party...not too fancy yet not too casual! What ya think?

Ps...I managed to sell my Vivienne Westwood bag that I advertised on here a few weeks back! Hoooorayyy! So I have ordered my camera and can't wait to use it and start blogging with it...sick of these posing in the mirror pictures hehe!

So watch this space!


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  1. Ooh i love this skirt, sadly all sold out in my size :-( Love the combo with the top on you


    P.S tried to find you on twitter but it isnt working :-s


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