Monday, 3 September 2012

Rock Chick Rockinnnnn'

It has finally hit me....summer is overrrrrr! Noooo:(....I received a notification that my university timetable is available for me to pick my modules for my final year....(for those of you who don't know - I am going into my honors year of my psychology degree!) wahhhh!!

Sooo... I thought since I only have two weeks left of my last ever "summer" I decided to party it up all weekend! It was one of my friends birthday nights out on girlfriends and I set of to Edinburgh for some cocktails and dancing! My photos from that night are stinking so I will wait and see if any of my chums have nicer ones to show ya hehe!

On the Saturday I went to a monthly event that I attend "What the Funk" at my local bar where it is absolutely rammed and has amazing music! Was a very messy night and it was sooo good to see everyone!

Here is what I wore...

 ..Dress - Mink Pink...             ...Belt - Urban Outfitters....               ....New Shoes! - Garage...  
 ....Spike Bracelet - Topshop...       ...Black Skull Ring - Topshop....

Thanks to my lovely boss Julia, she allowed me to borrow this gorge dress for the weekend! For once I was trying to watch my cash and not buy something new and this was just perfect! I wanted something that wasn't too clingy and was comfortable. This dress was exactly that! The top half was fitted and had cute studding detail to it and the skirt was a shiny material (almost leather effect) that hung perfectly!

I did on the other hand buy these new shoes as they were a bargain at £29.99 from Garage! They are super high and are extra comfy as they have a strap across the front that help to keep your feet in the shoe (needed if alcohol is involved) hehe!

I teamed it with my favourite accessories and of course my trusty leather jacket to give it a funky rock chick look! Ohhh I also added dark lipstick and black liner (I normally stay more neutral) to add to this effect and wahlaaaa...!

Hope use had an awesome a few cute posts lined up for use this week!

Keep ur eyes peeeeeeled! <3



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