Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Against the Odds Wishlist

...Jumper - Wildfox...       .....Hi-Lo Dress - Fashion Frank....       ....Bracelet - Fashion Frank...
            .....Studded Boots - Topshop....        ....Bag - Urban Outfitters....

At this moment in time I am completely and utterly skint after the weekend...and why is it always when you have no money you come across lots of things in the shops and online?! 

Just above I have put together a little wish list of a few of my favourite things that are current just now. I am pretty excited about the Autumn-Winter collections that are coming out and in particular I love the idea of being able to combine a dressy hi-lo dress with a jumper to give it a cool during the day look as well as keeping me warm!

I think these boots are perfect for everyday...not too high and the studs give it that extra something!

Love being comfortable me! :D

Here are a few snaps of fellow models wearing a Hi-Lo with a jumper over the top to give you an idea....

Hope you likey!

Anyways hope use crazy cats are having a fabby week! 




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