Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Studio 17

Today my fellow work team and I made our way down to our new Studio where our Fashion Frank headquarters will be shortly opening. I could honestly say I may pee my pants with excitement when it opens! It is gonna look freeeeeeking awesome!

At the moment however, it is more or less in the middle of getting cleared out so we decided to take some bitchin' photos of our new gear outside in amongst the wilderness and with "props" hehe! 

I personally love having a shoot outside because it's like having a professional wind machine at your fingertips hahaha! 

Here is a few photographs of our shoot today...you've seen it first;)

Crop Top - Fashion Frank      Denim jacket - Fashion Frank    Bandage Leggings - Fashion Frank

I look like a bit of a studio gangster here...."don't mess with me" pahahaha...it's all part of the act;) lol 
I absolutely adore this jacket and leggings combo...I technically wouldn't wear it with this crop top out and about with these leggings but I think it's a super cute combo!

Hope you like! Got loads more photos for use chums to look at....coming sooooon;)




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    1. Thank you Eda - lovely comments as always! I loveee the jacket too! Pleather all the way! hehe I will follow you on twitter <3 x

  2. Love your style <3
    Thanks for the visit :-)xxx

    1. Thanks so much Klaudia! <3 Followed! xxx


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