Friday, 28 September 2012

My Random Friday Post!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently...I have had a busy few weeks with back to University and the launch of Fashion Franks new collection! However I thought I would show you guys my recent obsession...


I absolutely adore what my step-dad calls the "Punk Look" which I sometimes wonder if I really suit however I don't give a [Phoebe from Friends] "TINY RATS ASS!"...

Here are a few images of my new boots from can you believe it...PRIMARK! And the newly studded jacket available to buy from Fashion Frank !

I loveeeee this simple to put on together and head out to work or for dinner and drinks!

PS. my face isn't in this post because I put fake tan on my face so I look tanned at the weekend and I look a tad like an oompalumpa...but don't worry I'm going home to wash it off! 

Anyways! I hope you beauties are looking forward to your pay weekend adventures!

Blog soon! 

Mch love




  1. Wow those boots are from Primark!! Love them x

    1. Amazing eh! They are still available in a few stores so grab them quick! Only £18! And super comfy!! x


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