Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hard work will pay off....

Hey folks! As I write this I am gearing myself up for my first experience at "Metafit Training". This is a new work out class that is only 30mins long and is designed to burn fat after the class too! So I thought I would give it a try and I'll let use know how I get on! 

This week I have been playing about with my new camera and I don't know whether its because I am blonde or it will just take a while to get use too...but photography is HARD!

Therefore excuse the quality of the photos! If anyone has any tips on taking good blogging photos please fire them down at the comments bit!

Wet Look Leggings - Red or Dead
Boots  - Primark
Beanie Hat - Fashion Frank

Please excuse my bushy hair and lack of makeup in the photos...I just came back from Uni at this point teehee! I love this's so comfortable! The top is nice and baggy and is longer at the back so looks good with leggings! My Beanie Hat is also perfect for those winter days that are coming in or just for a bad hair day...which I am having here hehe! 

However I have had my hair all done since these photos...nothing too know me but I'm much happier now! New photographs will be up soon:) 

Anyways best get ready for this class...wish me luck...hopefully I won't kill myself!




  1. Love your hat and outfit! Good for you for getting in that class, sounds hard but worth it! Also, I think your hair looks sexy this way so don't apologize!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

    1. Thank you so much Rachel! I can actually say that was the hardest class I have ever done! I was sick and everything during it teehee! Definitely determined to go every week and get fit again! Thank you so much for the lovely comments!
      Just away to check out your blog:) xxx


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