Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mesh it up!

Olaaaa! Hope you all had a wicked weekend partying it up or having a quiet one...like I was supposed to!? Eeeeek! Ended up at a house party on Saturday and had a sleepover at my friend Suzanne's house! Was a lot of fun, scoffing down muffins like they were going out of fashion.....however, as of today I am on a serious diet!

I have been eating nothing but rubbish, takeaways, chocolate and more chocolate! THIS NEEDS TO STOP hehe! Especially because my work, Fashion Frank  is almost finished their very own collection eeeeeeee so exciting!! I will be modelling the new collection very soon so need to get this diet going! Cannot wait for use to see it so keep your eyes peeled!! :D

However....today I am going to showcase one of our fabulous new dresses that are in stock at Fashion Frank that would be perfectooooo for that night out on the town.... STAY CALM GO GLAM!:D

>:: Mesh Dress - FashionFrank <:: Studded Platform - Fashion Frank::<

For this week only Fashion Frank is giving away free express shipping so that you have your fabulous dress in time for the weekend...all you have to do is enter "DRESSEXPRESS" at the checkout! 

Happy Shopping Beauties!!

much love 




  1. Eda! Thank you so much for commenting! It's good to know people enjoy my blogs:)

    <3 Dani xxx


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