Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Creamfields Cancelled!!

I blog to you whilst lying in my bed in a death heep....yes I am still ruff from the weekends antics and yes I am enjoying feeling sorry for myself! hehe! Yesterday I proceeded to eat a Chinese Takeaway and a Dominoes Pizza....DISGRACE lol!

On the other hand my weekend at Creamfields was incredible! Possibly one of the best times I have had at Creamfields....the weather was good, the group we went with were hilarious and the music was amazing! However....on Sunday morning we woke up to the news that it was cancelled due to the down pour of rain during the night making it too dangerous to go into the main arena. 

We all couldn't believe it....although it was mucky I have experienced worse conditions in previous years and at T in the Park. We were all so disappointed and even more disappointed because nobody knew what was going on and it was really unorganised. However we all decided the best idea was to just make the most of it and party the night away in our campsite and to be honest we all still had the best time!

This is the statement that Creamfields released to us following the cancellation of the festival...you can view this on their website...www.creamfields.com

Nevertheless I hope anyone that was at the Creamfields festival enjoyed it as much as we did and doesn't let this put you off coming back for a party next year!

I am away to go and eat the whole contents of my fridge! 



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