Friday, 24 August 2012

TFIF....FESTIVAL FRIDAY:D I promised...I would take a few photographs of my outfits for Creamfields festival to share with you guys! This morning I woke up like an excited kid at Christmas and started deciding outfits and taking snaps for use! Please take note....i had just woke up and had a I have NO makeup on or done my hair so excuse the state pahaha!

My first wee outfit is this one....Ps I will be taking a hoody and raincoat so not to worry! I won't get cold lol! 

 Outfit number one! ...>Black Backless Bodysuit : American Apparel <.. Shorts (old) : Topshop..< .>.Hat : Fashion Frank..< Sunglasses : Raybans ..< >..Peace Necklace and Belt : Urban Outfitters..<

Outfit Number 2! ...>Cream Bralet : Missguided..< American Flag Shorts : Topshop<.. BackPack : Primark..<
 ..>Hunter Wellies..<

 All Packed!!

I found this hat in my fellow cubs and I from last year drunkenly decided to purchase one as it was freeeeezing! Love this photograph from last year! Should I take it with me??

Anyway! I'm off to Asda to get some more munchies for the weekend...for the rest of use that aren't joining me this weekend..firstly why are you not?! Secondly..get your bum there next year!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Looking forward to posting pictures when I get back!

Much love



  1. I'm going too, actually connot wait for tomorrow so I will be on my way! Afrojack lets HAV IT!

    Great outfits :)


    1. Hehe ! Awww I actually cannot wait either! It's going to be amazingggg! Have a fab weekend and if you see me be sure to wave! lol! CREAMFIELDS WE'RE COMING TO GET YOUUU:D

      Thanks about my outfits! It's so hard to decide what to wear hehe! I'll follow yaaa:)

      xxx <3


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