Friday, 29 June 2012

Polka Dot Doll

Yesterday I had a really productive fun-filled day! I was working at Fashion Frank and after having a much needed catch up with my boss who had just returned from her holiday (looking all tanned can I just say - jealous!) we decided a shoot was in much need as it had been far too long!

My favourite piece from the shoot was this little beauty - a turquoise, polka dot dress with cut out panels! I decided to treat myself because I simply don't have enough clothes..(hehe!) It is so flattering on and I can just see myself wearing this and sipping on a cocktail in Marbella with a glorious sea view...

BLISS!!......ROLL ON HOLIDAY TIMESSS! "I'm a cold Scottish girl...get me outta here!!"

::Dress - Fashion Frank :: [Bow - Lady gaga dressing up cupboard] ::Shoes - Asos::

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