Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Makeup Must Have's!

Yesterday, I was looking at old photographs of my friends and I back in our younger days (sniff) when we thought wearing luminous pink lipstick and heavy foundation was the goal at making us look gorgeous! I couldn't help but cringe!

I don't know if it is just because I am getting older or I have had more practice at applying makeup that I prefer a more natural, dewy look. Don't get me wrong, compared to some people I do wear a lot of make up but I have always been that gal that gets excited like a fat kid when they see the McDonalds sign..accept I get excited when I see the sign M.A.C!

Therefore I decided to share with you guys my everyday makeup bag that contains my everyday makeup routine and I cannot go anywhere without it!

All this magic stuff creates this everyday look ( I don't always wear lashes during the day - only if its a special day trip hehe!)

Apologies for the quality of my photographs -blame it on the iPhone 4s!

What can I say I love all these products! I have had all of them since February and they are almost finished now so they are worth the money as they do last! I use the 187 brush for applying all products as it guarantees a smooth, flawless finish! I use the Strobe Cream (minus the lid - as it has ran away) with the Even Better Foundation to create a dewy complexion on a night out and I use the tinted moisturiser daily as my everyday base.  

I follow the application of my base with my highlighters and concealers! I used to work for Benefit cosmetics and came across their "High Beam" and "Sun Beam" which I became addicted to. However being a student I simply can't afford Benefit's price tags. I then discovered these little copy cats "Beat the Blues" and "High Lights" which give almost the exact same effect for a mere £6.00 each! 
However I cannot go without Benefits "Erase Paste" (excuse the condition - it has lasted me 7months so far!)  It not only lasts for ages but it covers up those student bags under the eyes!

I love this mascara as it really seperates out my lashes and gives them length and curl. These lashes are brilliant for an every day - glam look too! 

I love the Shy Girl lipstick from mac as it adds warmth to my skin tone but looks natural too. I have used this lipstick for years, I cannot find one that I like better or lasts as long at the same, cheap price! It gives me long lasting glossy lips without being sticky!
Last but not least I add on my blusher with this angled brush that I got from Boots - I love this coral colour blusher for the summer as it goes nicely with my skin tone and lipstick! I add a small dusting of my Gold Deposit all over places I want to bronze and highlight on my face and body. It gives it a summery glow that us Scottish Gals need! Hehe!

So go on! Try some!:)
[ablondestatement] xxx

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