Monday, 25 June 2012

Nail infatuation

Heyy peeps! Sorry about the lack of blogs, had a busy wee week helping out with the running of Fashion Frank as da boss ladies were away on their holidays! Jammy dodgers that they are! I am beginning to get really itchy feet for my holiday...a week just doesn't seem long enough and I am seriously considering getting a bargain weekend deal somewhere...say Ibiza?! doesn't grow on trees unfortunately and I have possibly never been so broke in all my life so I really need to get my head out of the clouds...SAD FACE!!

Nevertheless I have been very good...trying to cut back on my extravagant spending and decided to save money and attempt at doing my own finger nails instead of booking into a salon! If you are like me and your nails are horrendously short and cannot go without having fake nails on well these clever little things may be your answer!

 I purchased these from Boots for only £6.49. They are full stick on nails that come with glue and you will be able to use the packet several times with them having 100 nails! I ensured I prepped my nails by using a nail file and cuticle pusher, and cleaned them with acetone to ensure the plastic nails sticks to my nail. They then looked like this...

This is the nails just stuck on without any shaping or varnish. The beauty of these nails is that you can paint them any colour quickly and easy to give your outfit that added glamour.

These are my nails finished. I added on a an old pink varnish coat that I found in a drawer, I then drew on white tips with a small nail brush to give it a french manicure look. I then finished with a top coat. I have had these on for 5 days now and they still feel really secure! RESULT!

Cheap and cheerful:D

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