Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bejewel me...

I went on a little mission the past week or so to find myself some statement jewellery pieces for the summer that I could wear with any outfit AND (one of my pet hates) wear it a lot without it turning your finger or wrist that horrible green colour! 

I firstly made my way to Ortak a fine jewellery company who makes very classic pieces. I received a gift voucher from them as part of my prize for competing in Miss Scotland so I decided to treat myself to something that would be a nice keepsake and a reminder of my time in Miss Scotland. If I am being honest, Ortak jewellery is not necessarily my style as I tend to go for funky costume jewellery however I came across a simple Celtic ring with an opal in the center. It is very pretty and is a nice everyday piece. 

Afterward I made my way to the one and only Topshop who without fail always seem to have fabulous costume jewellery but they always seem to be slightly more expensive than other high street stores. I picked up this gorgeous necklace which was a bit more expensive than what I would normally pay at £16 but to be honest I haven't had it off! It will look great on holiday with a maxi dress too! I also went a bit skull daft with this skull bracelet (£8) and skull ring (£1.50!!) both are plastic so wont turn my body green! Yayyy happy days!

Last but not least I went to Primark and came across this bangle at the til point (£1) BARGAIN! It has different colours of leopard print all the way round and is wooden so it will go with everything and last me forever!



  1. I really like the skull bracelet. I never even thought about buying jewellery for holiday, now I wish I did. Have a good holiday.

    Daisie x

    1. Hi Daisie!

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I love the skull bracelet too..all these pastel colours are so nice in the summer! I know I am trying to collect little bits and bobs here and there for my holiday! Thank you! Hope you have a lovely holiday with your boyfriend! Ps I love your blog..just started to follow it!

      Danielle x


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