Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My SALE wishlist!

Soooo I have been rummaging through the summer sales...(not literally) just online...because the weather here is stinking and quite honestly it is more enjoyable pressing "click" when you want to buy something than standing in a que! 

I have come across lots of fabulous wee things that I like the look of and some horrendous things that I felt sorry for, but seriously...would I buy it if it wasn't in the sale? Didn't think so! However I have gathered together my little wishlist of amazing sale items which I think would make a gorgeous, funky outfit for a few cocktails or a festival...(minus the Jeffrey Campbell Litas!)

1.Johnnie Loves Rosie Bag RRP £45 - NOW £30! 2. Metal Skull Bracelet  RRP £10 - NOW £5!
3. Moto Metallic Jeans  RRP £45.00 - NOW £20! 4. Fashion Frank Tee RRP £20 - NOW £15!
5. Night Lita Platform RRP £131.68 - NOW £92.17!

P.s. if anyone would like to buy me any of these beauties for my birthday which is ONLY two weeks away it would be much appreciated! hehe.. x <3

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