Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Blinging it up....

Sorry for not posting over the weekend guys, but to be totally honest I had a crazy weekend and the Sunday was spent dieing in my bed of a horrible hangover...feeling sorry for myself, whilst I demolished a Dominoes pizza and cried like a baby at My Sisters Keeper! That film should be banned from being on the television on a Sunday when there is vulnerable people such as myself watching it haha!

I had quite an eventful weekend, I attended my friends amazing party with my Miss Scotland finalist friends! Wahh thats a mouthful! It resulted in all of us being extremely drunk and clubbing! Good night! We had the pleasure of Kevin Bridges company (a Scottish comedian) who entertained us for the night! What a guy! We made the Scottish Sun paper today because of it!

I decided to opt for a casual yet smart outfit...with Red or Dead leather look leggings and my cream peplum (love a peplum) top that I bought from...WAIT FOR IT..Primark! For 8quid! Result! I dressed it up with a new necklace that I got from Topshop for £16.50 and some old jewellery finds that I have collected over the years!

(Slightly drunk in this last photo pahaha...I do not encourage alcohol abuse lol) x


  1. You are so beautiful :) !


  2. aleXandra! Thank you so much for the lovely comment. You are too kind! Thanks for visiting my blog! xxx


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