Thursday, 10 May 2012

You Com[pleat] Me

Dress - Fashion Frank   Bag - Fashion Frank   Shoes - Fashion Frank    Ring - Topshop

It has been a crazy week for Frank as we are moving from boutique to office/showroom and today was first day in the office.  Okay so I turned up to work with denim shorts, basic tee and jacket and then I made the mistake of viewing all the new arrivals before checking emails.  This is what happens, you end up taking things before you've put the kettle on.  I couldn't resist the pink pleated drop back dress, the black wedges and stud bottom bag.  This dress also comes in a blue but one is enough, well at least until a few weeks! I also took another dress which I have had my eye for weeks now, will feature in the next post....[a blonde statement] 

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