Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wishful Winter

Deary me, it's been a long ass winter huh!? Nearly the end of March..attempting to do a Spring/Summer shoot and its minus temperatures outside!? What is going on?!

All I wish for right now is some snow please! So I can parade my oh so cute summer outfits that I have lined up!

Anyway..yesterday was shoot day..yes the BIG important day for Fashion Frank - My workplace! 
Unfortunately there was no sunshine to be seen...only snow however it was a fun shoot!

All of the team came together and really worked our butts off to get the show on the road!
I was one of the lucky models and I have a few of the behind the scene shots to share with you guys....

All of the pieces in this shoot will be available to buy from
and  you can check them out on the facebook page too! 

Also featured in this shoot was my handmade flower crowns!
Both of these are available to buy on my etsy site so go take a look!

Because of this shoot however I am absolutely choked with the cold! boooo!
Hopefully I am better for tomorrow as I am attending the BLUNT fashion show! wooo! Will take lots of snaps to show you guys!
I also have a wedding show and night out this weekend so praying I am a lot better!

Blog soon!
Much love


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