Monday, 25 February 2013

Flower Crowns

For some time now I have been completely admirable of the Flower Crown and the gorgeous girls and celebs that I see wearing them and think WOW!

It's every girls dream to have a crown of their own however whether or not we would brave it is a different question?!

Yes I agree.. wearing a flower crown may get some looks and stares from particularly old people and guys - however the stares that reflect how "Oh Wow" are from all those fashion loving girls out there who wishes that they could have the guts to wear one too!

I admit, to begin with I was unsure if I would suit it and if I would have the confidence to wear one - however after making a few of my own and parading about with them on I realised that it goes with absolutely everything and brightens up my oh so dark and crap winter wardrobe!

Most importantly..yes it is supposedly "fashion" and yes I feel freeking cool when I wear it that not fashion?!

I love this saying and I think it stipulates exactly how I feel about the flower crown...
"Style is a strange thing. Who determines who has style?

I think you’ve got to have a fuck everybody attitude about

it." - Helena Christensen.

....inspiration ♥

Flower Crown - Secret Statement

Therefore after some time I have decided to open up my very own, online ship selling these beauties handcrafted by the one and only me! Check out my shop - A Secret Statement

At the moment I have hardly any pictures - As I am still in the middle of shooting them all - However if there is any particular colour or style you would like please let me know! I use all the best quality products and I am at a extremely competitive price with free p.p to all UK peeps so please take a look! <3

Fashion Frank and I had a shoot today and I decided to team my flower crown with this oh so gorgeous playsuit! It's a perfect little number for any season that looks stunning with a statement belt, cutey vamp shoes and a statement accessory! It is available in black, navy and a gorgeous cerise colour! Go Check it out!

Anyways, here are a few photograps I picture with my phone to show you guys..I have missed blogging and will promise to get backin the swing of things asap! 
Mch love!


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