Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dancing in the dark and in the candle light...

Top - Asos (old)
Skirt - Was Missguided (eBay for £13!!)
Necklace - Topshop
c/o Cross Cuff -  2AMstyles 
Black studded (Fake Jeffrey Campbells) -Daisy Street (SALE £29.99)

Here I have a few quick photographs I snapped off myself with my iPhone before heading out for one of my best friends birthdays in Glasgow. 
(Yes that is why I was late guys) Hehe! - Opportunist!

It has been one of those months where I don't know where my wages have went to and I have spent all my money on absolute rubbish however I forgot I have picked up a few bargains on the way!...This outfit was no exception!

I was in the mood for having a skirt/top collaboration for going out clubbing and decided I would chance my luck on eBay! I wanted something that I could wear in any season - Summer and Winter and thought well sequin for winter and white is perfect for summer so hey presto! Little Bargain too! HOWEVER - The seam was very itchy (scratched my legs to bits) so had to wear my friends "suck me in" skirt underneath and it worked a treat...now to see how it washes!

I have needed a new pair of comfortable black boots for a while and have been putting it off because we are coming into "the spring months" BUT who am I kidding?! I live in Scotland! Definitely going to see more miserable months ahead so decided to invest in these bargain beauties! 
I bought these from www.daisystreet.com and it was the first time I had every shopped from here...they arrived super quickly and I was sooo happy when I got them! Everyone commented on how "real" they look and on a student budget you cannot complain!

I pictured them next to my real plaid Jeffrey Campbells to see if there was much difference and there isn't! So why not fake it up every now and again girls! hehe!

Anyways best get back to studying...sniff:(

mch love

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