Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Colours of the Rainbow...

I absolutely love these pieces individually and possibly together ( if I was brave enough) - It reminds me of a packet of Skittles...colourful, vibrant and full of flavour!

1.Lets start of with the top...it reaches everything this season with the skater back cut, crop style and clash of colours. It's one of these tops that you could team with any colour in any season and it would go! The price is not too bad either...

2.This picture is actually of Topshop's skirt however the almos same colour is available from ASOS for £4's cheaper (and the also do free delivery) - experienced student bargain hunter here! I love pencil skirts for going out...very classy and looks perfect with a crop top in any season!

3.This is one of Pixie Lott's rings for Rock n Rose - although slightly on the pricey side at £18 it was one of them that you know you won't have off...the gorgeous green colour looks almost vintage and is big enough to draw attention away from our pale, winter hands!

4. You may have noticed from my Facebook that I am in love with Zara's vamp shoes at the moment. If your like me and don't suit an ankle strap because of the "cankles" then these beauties are just as effectivein creating that "oh so grown up look".

5. Last but not least is the gorgeous flash of colour with the perfect accessory! Jazz's up any old black outfit without having to go to to much effort!Colour clashing is a must this season! Be Brave and go for it!

Anyways...back to nosying about the online shops!
(AND trying not to spend anything!)

much love


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