Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Don't you worry child....

 Top - Blunt
Skirt - Blunt
Bangle - Fashion Frank
Necklace - Fashion Frank

Just got some awesome news that has brightened up my day! Got a "B" on one of my exams that I thought I had failed! Sooo HAPPY! Wish I didn't worry so much but heyho!

Anyhoooo onto more interesting stuff! Haha! I have been shooting a few new pieces for Blunt - Fashion Frank collection! You can check them out on Facebook - please like them if you get a chance!  It will keep you up to date with their new pieces and boyyyy have they got some exciting designs which will be coming your way soon! 

Anyway here is a few photographs of my latest shoot with Blunt - sporting one of their new fabulous outfits that is available NOW!...here!

I also have this teamed with my trusty Jeffrey Campbell Litas, my Topshop Hazard Lipstick and my favourite bowler hat! That I really need to stop wearing! Paha!

Love this location and thank you to "Pigeon" for spray painting his name - gives a really cool effect!

mch love



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