Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Well it's that time of year again when everyone's student loans and bursaries are dished out! Mine on the other hand wasn't that impressive however it didn't stop me from spending it on some scholarly items. NAHHTTTT...I went on a shopping spree of course!!  

Here is what I bought....

..Disco Pants - Glamorous..
..Turtle Neck crop top - eBay..
..Boy London top - eBay..
..Leather Skirt - eBay..
..Hat - eBay..

Sorry about the quality of photographs, I am using the laptop without photoshop! 
As you may see..I had to stick to a budget, hence the reason I have been buying quite a lot from eBay but my goodness they are awesome wee bargains! Especially the Boy London top as it is an exact replica of the real one....heyyy afterall we are students!

My Glamorous disco pants arrived today and they are amazing! Almost the exact same as the American Apparel disco pants! However I did find that they are slightly baggy around the ankles unlike the AA ones! Still hot though!

The rest of the items don't arrive for a few days so as soon as they do I will be sure to photograph myself in them to show ya!

PS I just discovered that Topshop is not holding their annual Student Shop in Scotland this year.....absolute rageeeee! I rather enjoy the annual 20% off event and I am seriously disappointed that they have not organised one! Hopefully it changes....check to see if your store is listed HERE!

Anyhooo I am away back to do some University work...sad times! 


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    Ray Grimm


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