Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'm Backkkk.....P.S I'm in Vogue!!! hehe x

Hello my beauties!! Omg it feels like foreverrrrrr since I have been blogging...I am so sorry for the lack of attention I have been giving use but I was living the dream and partying it up in Marbella...then got a cheeky flight to Ibiza!! NAUGHTYYYY!

What an eventful 2weeks it has been and I seem to have brought the weather back with me.... Hallelujah!!
I hope use have all had a lovely, eventful few holiday was finished with a bang when da boss of Fashion Frank gave me a wee call to let me know we were featured in the September issue of VOGUE!!! (the best one) ;) hehehehe....

Although it was a small least I can say I have my wee face in Vogue! yipeeeeee! 

I was also welcomed with the exciting news of new men's tees being launched within Fashion Frank which...can I say....I fancy the pants off these tees.....even though they are for guys I want, I want, I want!
How hot would these be teamed with denim shorts or disco pants!....have a sneeky peek! 


Anyway! Hope you are out enjoying this glorious a few amazing blogs coming soon so keep ur eyes peeled!

Mch Love


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