Thursday, 5 July 2012

Birthday Buys

Well what a miserable week it has been here in not so sunny Scotland...the weather has been somewhat like monsoon season and it really isn't doing my hair any justice...helloooo afro!! Nevertheless I have had a few lovely days off work which was spent shopping for my birthday and my holiday! 

My birthday isn't until next week but my mum decided to take a day off this week and treat me to an afternoon tea and champagne at Fifi and Ally's in Glasgow. It was absolutely delicious and after demolishing lots of cakes we proceeded to go shopping! 

For my birthday my mum kindly got me a perfume that I instantly fell in love with(but couldn't quite afford it myself) Tom Ford's "Black Orchid". The lady at Tom Ford also booked me in for a complimentary make up session which I am going to get done on the night of my birthday so I am looking glam! 

About half an hour passed and it consisted of me trying on various different sunglasses and not being able to decide what ones suit me best....its sooo hard! However I finally came to the decision of a cute pair of Ray-Ban's. I absolutely love them and I am going to be super careful with them because knowing me I will sit on them or something haha! 

When I got home I had a email from my boss saying my fabulous Fashion Frank wedges have arrived and I can honestly say I cannot wait to go into work to parade about in them! 


  1. Do not do a Deacs and drop your new Rays down a squat toilet! Great post honey! Cb xxx

    1. CLAIRE BROOON! Haha i will try not to! Times my love...timessss! When u over in Scotland? SOON I HOPE!! xxxxxxxxx


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