Thursday, 12 July 2012

Don't Cross Me

Cut Out Cross Tee - Fashion Frank  Cross Motif Leggings - Fashion Frank

So I wasn't going to do a post today but then these leggings and cross cut out tee arrived in work today and I couldn't resist trying them on and taking some pics.  Yes I took them home too - perks of the job.  I like these leggings because they are not patterned all over which I prefer then fully printed leggings! Don't get me wrong, on the right person the crazy printed leggings out there can look amazing but I just feel I can't pull them off.  And well this top, it's easy, I have the black skull one, the black cross and now the white, so it's fair to say I like it! 

And I know I shouldn't......


  1. Gorgeous leggings and shoes!

    1. Thanks so much Rebecca! I love this outfit! <3 xxx


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