Monday, 16 July 2012

Birthday Bash

Well what a weekend I had! ....It was my birthday on Friday the 13th! Dun dun! The last birthday I had on Friday the 13th, was my 18th Birthday...when I crashed my brand new car and wrote it off! Wahhh!

Needless to say, I was a tad nervous of what the outcome of this birthday was going to be however thankfully it was accident free! On the Thursday I went out to celebrate my friend and I's birthday in Glasgow with a lot of vino and dancing! I decided to wear my new pink dress that I got from Zara! I spotted it in store a few weeks back, then I noticed it was in the Sale so I had to grab it!

RRP - £37.99 : SALE - £25.99 
I felt it was quite a fancy dress so I teamed it with a nude belt and my black shoe boots that I have had forever and my leather jacket! 

I then had a girlie night with my close friends on the Saturday night and we went out for drinks and some more dancing! I wore this dress from Aqua by Aqua. I got it in the sale a few months back for £52.00. I wore it with my trusty necklace that I have worn in previous blogs and I also got a new bangle in the Topshop Sale for £3.50! Bargain!!

 I absolutely love these dresses and can't wait to wear them again in Marbella...if I manage to get the tomato sauce stain out of my white one...DAMN YOU CHIPS AND CHEESE! haha!

Hope use all had a good weekend too!




  1. I love the pink dress, it looks fantastic on you!

    Emma x

    1. Aw Emma thank you so much! I tried to see if it was on Zara online but unfortunately think it is only available in store! Thanks for the follow! <3 x

      Danielle x


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