Saturday, 21 July 2012

Cccccrazyeeeee luck

Well what a funny old day it has been...firstly thought I had won the Euromillons because I got this email:

Unfortunately the outcome wasn't as I had hoped, and no...I wasn't a millionaire, I was quite simply £5.60 up hahaha! Better than nothing I whilst my dreams of running away to a desert island were shattered...I decided to book myself a direct flight from Marbella to Ibiza to party it up for a few days...BLISS!!

However this is making it even more difficult to decide what I am going to take with me on my travels! Hence the reason my room looks like this...

I have tried to narrow it down to basic essentials, such as a few bikinis, few dresses and a few shorts for during the day...but I just cannot decide on I think I will take all of them and hope for the best....damn you 15kg allowance!

I will do a post in due course with my organised outfits to give you a sneeky peek before I head off!

Hope use are having a fabulous weekend dahlingssss!

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