Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Floral Cut Out Dress - Fashion Frank

So in LOOOVVEEEEEE with this arrived into the office the other day and I actually resisted 5 days before trying it on, and oh no, another dress (I do not need) added to my the cut out sides and open back...[ablondestatement] 

And here are a few other floral dresses that i'm loving right now!

Jarlo London - Laverve Dress  Nasty Gal - Lulu Dress  Love - Audrey Dress  Goldie - Precilla Dress


  1. Hi, I luuv your blog. I first noticed your outfits on lookbook so decided to check out your blog. I was totally amazed when I discovered you worked for frank, as im at uni in stirling so i know the store well.
    Good luck with the blogging x

  2. Heyyy Aristophanes! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! That is crazy that you came across me on Lookbook and had heard of Frank! Such a small world! I'm glad you like my blog...I'm still getting into the swing of things but will get there in the end I'm sure!
    Enjoy your long summer holidays! hehe x


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