Monday, 4 June 2012

I've been wearing this a bit too much

Too Close Stud Dress - Fashion Frank

I just love this dress and have worn about 6 times already.  I don't know why but it just works well as a day dress which I never thought when I first seen it arrive into the office.  I thought i just do a quick post to show it off.  Now 'm going to put it in the back off my wardrobe andckeep it there until my girlie holiday as I don't want to get sick of it before I go! now go get yours here [ablondestatement]


  1. Amazing white dress!!! You look absolutely stunning!!! Love your style dear!

  2. Elena! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Your blog is fabulous...I love how you make everything look so effortless! Mch love Danielle x


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