Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Why you Should Always Remove your Makeup!

It has been forever since I blogged - to say the least! However after much thought, I realised that I really missed blogging and I look forward to being back in the game and writing more regularly!

What pushed me to write this blog, is an odd one, as you can see from the title of the post. You may be wondering - "Oh here we go, another rant about looking after ourselves." However, more so than ever, I thought that I would shout out about the importance of taking care of one's skin, particularly after I had a bad experience and developed a skin condition called Perioral Dermatitis.

What is Perioral Dermatitis?!
t sounds really scary, and before anyone freeks out, no its not contagious - thank god! Perioral Dermatitis is a skin condition, commonly found in females,  between the age of 20 and 35 that can cause an inflammation around the mouth and eyes. Unfortunately the exact cause is unclear, however specialists have reason to believe that it can be caused by using steroid creams on the face and/or the use of makeups and lotions and potions. You can read more and see photographs of it here.

My Experience  

To my horror, around two years ago, I found a few soar, itchy red lumps, around my smile creases on my face. Being a girl who has luckily had not too bad skin when it comes to spots etc, I quickly went to the doctors and he prescribed me with steroid cream. Unfortunately this cream only made it worse.

So I decided to search online (as you do) for solutions. It was not long until I came across information that said makeup could be the cause of this problem. Well for someone like me, this is truly heartbreaking. I love my makeup and NEED my makeup. I cannot go to the shops without it on! 

From then on I decided enough is enough. I was on the man hunt for a remedy for this (pain in the ass) rashy bumps that didn't involve having to walk about looking like a little boy (no makeup). I then came across this wonder cream "Calendula," (which has been said to help reduce the redness of Perioral Dermatitis!)


My once clear skin was relying on this cream to work and I am glad to say I wasn't disappointed. After almost three weeks of using the cream as my only moisturiser, removing my makeup as soon as I decided I wasn't leaving the house again, (haha) and using a calming aloe vera face wash, my rash finally disappeared.

My Reasoning Behind the Rash

I truly believe that this rash was caused by using too many products and therefore having lots of chemicals on my skin, and not letting my skin breathe enough. Since having this condition, I have religiously removed my makeup, as soon as I know I don't need to have it on, which is often as soon as I come in from work. I can only reiterate, how better my skin looks and feels and my rash has almost disappeared, apart from one little blemish.

So gals, the moral of the story is, if you are a bit of a makeup junky like me - no matter how drunk or tired you are, try and remove your makeup, because you never know what your makeup contains or whether or not you may have a rash on the way! 

 Here is a little #NoMakeupSelfie of me and how much makeup comes of my face at the end of a working day - yuk! Ps excuse the pale face and pajama top!

Here is me and my little tube of happiness - Calendula! You can buy it in most good natural health shops for around £6.99 as well as amazon here

Above is a collection of my other must have cleansers and moisturisers at the moment. All varying in price however I will discuss them in more depth in my next blog soon - so watch this space!

Do you religiously remove your makeup?

Have you experienced this condition or one similar before?
If so pop your comments below, I would love to hear from you!

Until next time...
 Much love



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