Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rock this way...talk this way

What a relief it has been to have the exams over with and have a few days to myself to potter around and....my favourite thing, SHOP! 

I often can't be bothered going out shopping so I normally resort to online shopping which I believe to be better as you can order it, forget about it and within a few days it has arrived weyyyy!

I was lucky enough to get a few bits and bobs from an online retailer, 2AMSTYLES. There is nothing more exciting than tracking your order and especially when your order from online is delivered and you can't wait to try everything on! 

Here is my outfit from today.....

Top - c/o 2AMSTYLES 
Silver Cross Cuff - c/o 2AMSTYLES
Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge 

I picked out this top because as you probably know I love black and I love this motif on the front! I think the diamante's give it an added touch of glamour too! It's perfect for an everyday top either teamed with denim shorts and tights (like I have), discopants or tucked into a skater skirt for a party look! 

I love anything that has crosses or skulls on it so I got this cuff as I love silver chunky jewellery and looks funky with the cross cut out - simple yet effective! 

I have had this jacket for ages....anyone who knows me, will know that I never have my leather jacket off! It  looks good with anything and gives off a carefree but "kind of made an effort look" - (most of the time).
I really need to get a new one but I love this one! hehe!

I also teamed this outfit with my super cute new pumps that I got out of the ASOS sale... 

Shoes - ASOS

Today I'm wearing really natural makeup and nails - with an add of colour from my new lipstick to go with my new tartan pumps.. (yes another one) I told you I'm obsessed with lipsticks hehe! Check out a few of my makeup buys below...

Lipstick - Topshop (Hazard)
Nail polish - No 17 - Boots (Forever)
Stippling Brush - realTECHniques

My fabulous friend Stacey who is a professional makeup artist highly recommended this brush and it has been on my list to buy for a while now but I never got round to it. However what a fantastic purchase.... as the lady that served me in boots said "There is no use having lovely makeup if you don't have the tools to apply it properly". I totally agree. Before now I have been a die hard MAC 187 foundation brush however I always found it didn't have enough firmness to buff the product into my skin without loosing a million brush strands on my face! However with this stippling brush it has nice stumpy strands that can really work the product into your face - giving a more natural and flawless finish!

I was after a natural yet warm colour for my nails and I bought this nail polish the other day. It was only £2 therefore didn't expect much however it has lasted on my nails since the weekend without chipping so watch this space....

I also somehow decided to opt for yet ANOTHER red lipstick! A girl can't have too many shades of lipstick you know! Hehe! I really like Topshop's lipsticks as they stay put for a few hours and have a gorgeous matte finish. However I do think this colour may be slightly too dark for my pale skin and blonde hair....what do you guys think?!

Anyways I think I have rambled on enough today hehe...
PS...I just tried Yoga for the first time... I am uber relaxed today...niceeeeee

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  1. love the shoes!

    1. Lipmunn thank you so much! Love the shoes too! So comfortable :) x

  2. Love Topshop's Hazard lippie - such a nice colour, I'm quite pale as well, but I still think it looks amazing!! :) xxx


    1. Thanks Heather! <3 Topshops lippies are great! Not too expensive either! I'll check out your blog just now! :) xxxx


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