Thursday, 6 September 2012

Red Alert Disco Pants

Today I have had a very different day at work to normal! We have all been mucking in with the cleaning and rearranging my work's new premises. It is strange going to work in hoodies and leggings...not used to dressing down but it sure it comfy!! hehe!

We had another photoshoot with some more of Fashion Frank's new stock. I am wearing my trusty denim jacket with the pleather sleeves as it goes with absolutely everything...even red leggings!!

...Red leggings - Fashion Frank..                           ..Denim Pleather Jacket - Fashion Frank...                       ...Crop top - Topshop...        ..Belt - Ebay..        ..Shoes - Da Bosses!...

I am really all for disco pant style leggings at the moment...especially high waisted numbers as they are quite flattering on if styled with the right piece of clothing. I would always wear them with heels as it lengthens my legs and stops them looking like red tree trunks. I would then wear it with either a bodysuit or crop top as it really sets off the high waisted style of the leggings!

This colour of red is gorgeous and it makes a nice change to my typical black leggings that I never have off! 
Great for a pop of colour!! :)





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    1. Thank you Lydia! I love this style of jacket too! amazinggg! <3 xx


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